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Why Real Estate Agency CRM Software?

  • Convert leads to renters or buyers more frequently
  • Access all your property details online
  • Top Real Estate CRM for Realtors
  • Real Estate Accounting Software to take care of your accounting needs
  • No HUGE investment
  • Best Commercial Real Estate Software!!!
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Features of the Best CRM for Realtors

Site Visit Management with Best CRM for Realtors

Schedule and manage visits to property and open house with prospective renters and buyers without any hassle through the property management CRM.

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Real Estate Agent Software for Property Management

Manage maintenance requests, payments, property inspection, maintenance vendors and much more with the best real estate crm software.

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Property Handover Management

Manage property handovers and the related documents with the CRM on the go and quicly, with all the documents archived for your future reference.

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Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Get the leads generated automatically with real estate software free of manual work, directly from the landing page of your website.

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E-Signature in the best CRM for Realtors

No print out of the documents required anymore, save time, money and efforts with e signature feature of real estate CRM systems.

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Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Generate all transaction related documents and keep track of them effortlessly  with the help of best real estate crm software.

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Real Estate Agent Software for Online Offer Submission

This feature of realtor software allows the buyers or renters to send offers online which can be accepted or rejected by you in a single click, thus saving your time.

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Sales and Rental Listing in Top Real Estate CRM

List all the properties available on rent or for sale through top property management software, with all the detail like the location, address, images, rate, etc.

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Leads Allocation in Real Estate Broker Software

Allocate the generates leads to the agents by the query of the type of the property, eg. Luxury, Shops, Studio, Condo, residential, commercial, etc with free rental management software.

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Leads Incubation with Best CRM for Real Estate Agents

Don’t just get the auto-generated leads, but also automate the follow up process, be it for the tour of the property or for signing the documents, your real estate CRM systems will send automated reminders to the leads.

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Best Real Estate CRM 2021 offers Referral Management

Existing tenants can refer new leads directly and easily with the help of the best real estate software. Word of mouth marketing never fails to do wonders. Referral management helps you business grow exponentially.

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Top Real Estate CRM for Email Alerts and Notifications

Send bulk emails to new leads regarding property ad, open house and upcoming properties with customized templates. Receive notification for the upcoming appointments with clients through realtor software.

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Agreement Management with the Best CRM for Realtors

Manage lease and rental agreements and store them in cloud, access anytime, anywhere with the  real estate document management software.

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Analytical, Insightful Reports in the Best CRM for Realtors

Get a detailed analysis of your Leads, Deals, Transactions with your real estate software solutions. Take data driven insightful decisions.

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Easy and Robust Real Estate Agent Software

Easy to implement and simple to use. This is the best real estate brokerage management software you could have asked for.

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FAQs for the Best Real Estate CRM Software

What is a Real Estate CRM Software?

Real Estate CRM Systems is the Software Solution for all the basic and advanced needs of Real Estate Agents and Agencies. The best crm for realtors takes care of every step involved in a deal of real estate agent, right from generation of the leads of the customers to Offer Submission, Offer Management and E- Signing of the deals. It provides easy and quick access in both desktop and mobile. A top real estate CRM also provides cloud storage to the users.

Why do Realtors need the best Real Estate CRM Software?

Real Estate Agents need Real Estate CRM and website for basic automation. They can automate the simplest of their tasks like booking the appointment for an open house, leading to saving both time and money simultaneously. You can increase the number of deals exponentially both in terms of tenants and landlords, with the help of introducing automation.

What are the best features of Real Estate CRM Software?

The best features of this top property management software are as below:

  1. Online Offer Submission
  2. Auto Tasking
  3. E-Signature on documents
  4. Customer Relationship Management with Renters and Landlords
  5. Offer management

What are the advantages of using Best Real Estate CRM Software?

The advantages of using realtor software are manifold.

  1. The top real estate CRM helps you generate leads of renters, buyers, and landlords directly from the landing page of your website and various social platforms directly.
  2. These leads are distributed automatically into various sections of agents per the requirements of the customers, viz. luxury, commercial, residential, etc.
  3. E-Signature proves to be one of the best advantages of the best real estate CRM software.
  4. Renters can submit their offers online in the real estate CRM systems.

Will the Top Real Estate CRM Software help me with customer relationship management?

The best real estate software will not only manage your day to day activity related to your real estate business but will also help you maintain great relationship with your customer with features like customer interaction tracker and appointment scheduling.

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Articles for the best Real Estate CRM Software

5 ways in which the Real Estate CRM Software can make life easy for the agents.

1. Top Real Estate Software offers E-Signature

You no longer need to run to the buyers, renters, or sellers to seek their signatures on the documents. All you need to do is send the documents to them online and they are ready to be signed by the concerned party. You save the money that would have been spent in sending the document by post or delivered personally, plus you save a lot of time. What more, in case the document is not signed on time, you can set automated reminders for the same. Real Estate Database Software even archives these documents for you.

2. Real Estate Agent Software helps in Lead Generation

Manual lead generation is a thing of the past. Get automatically generated leads through the landing page of your website and various social media platforms. Best Real Estate Software will even assign these leads to the agents based on their area or the type of the property.

3. Send Bulk Email with Top Real Estate Software

Send bulk emails to the prospective buyers for the open house, send marketing emails or email reminders, all through the automated bulk email feature of best rental management software. Also, you have so many templates to choose from.

4. Manage Offers with Top Real Estate Software

No more manual efforts are required in managing the offers. The prospect buyers can bid online on your website, which will be captured by the top real estate CRM. These bids can be segregated and can be accepted or rejected as per the requirement.

5. Organize Virtual Open House with Real Estate Agent Software

Why step out of the house in these difficult times when you can give the virtual tours of the property to the prospective buyers and renters with the help of top property management software? Just upload the video of the said property and you are good to go.

What are the benefits of a Top Real Estate CRM Software for the Real Agents?

Real Estate agents have a hectic schedule and a lot of things to deal with. Right from finding the lead, documenting it, contacting the lead, fixing appointments, deciding upon the property to show,… the list is pretty long. Well, to back the agents and to make their life a bit easier real estate software solutions can play a major role. Not only does the realtor software reduce the manual work involved, but it also helps in reducing the sales cycle and increasing the number of sales.

The benefits of the best real estate CRM software are as below:

1. Best Real Estate Software helps Zero lead leakage

Realtor Book makes sure that you do not have to work hard to generate leads or that you miss a single lead, from any of the sources.

Capture leads from the below:

  • Your website landing page and chat
  • Through digital ads
  • Leads from marketplace
  • From social media campaign

You even get a detailed report regarding the sources of your leads and the percentage of their conversion. And all this with a few simple clicks and no hassle.

2. Real Estate Agent Software Automates Business Operations

Manage renters, sellers, and buyers all from a single place. Real estate CRM and website help you with the basics of your day to day activity.

It helps you to:

  • Get renters insurance for the renters
  • Helps you in the inspection of all the property under you
  • Helps in giving virtual open house tours to prospective renters or buyers
  • Store documents in the cloud and provides easy access to them anytime, anywhere
  • Provide easy access to financial reporting to owners via a mobile portal.
  • Simplify the leasing process with e-signatures and cloud document storage.

3. Top Real Estate Software Reduces Marketing Cost

Automate your marketing campaign with the help of real estate software free of any extra charges. Build your brand with a few clicks. Creative brochures, email and SMS campaigns, and eye-catching collateral are just some of the marketing and brand- building possibilities you can realize with real estate software solutions.

4.  Best Real Estate Software Reduces Sales cycle time

Reduce the sales cycle time and invest the saved time in your prospect renters and buyers. Automate your mundane daily tasks like sending reminders and notification, sending marketing and sales emails, sending documents for signatures, and many more to reduce the time it takes to complete a deal.

5. Cloud Real Estate Agent Software System

Commercial real estate software is a cloud-based software solution for real estate agents. So there is no need of procuring a server or hardware storage system for your documents storage needs.

These are just a few benefits that are present in the real estate CRM systems. In order to experience all the benefits of the CRM, all you need to do is try a free demo. Along with these benefits, you can also customize the software as per your needs.

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Virtual Open House with Real Estate CRM Software.

Open House or Site Visit or Property Visit can be tiresome jobs for both the agents and the buyers. With the current ongoing scenario, it has become difficult for people to step out and mingle with people. But this is where technology comes into the picture. Now your clients can look for their dream homes from the comfort of their current one using the 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) tour features of best real estate CRM software. They can experience the luxury of the new home like never before.

In the age of social distancing, real estate software tools are your best friends. A virtual site visit is the best way to limit human exposure and simultaneously marketing the property, on the go. You can even upload the video on your website with a detailed description of the property for the prospective buyers to have the luxury of viewing it anytime they want. If this video is streamed through a VR, the buyer will have a real-time experience of the property.

All you need is a device that helps you record every nook and corner of the house to stream it to the potential buyers, along with your friendliness, knowledge of the property and of course the market expertise.

Below are a few tips to help you make your virtual open house a successful one and to help you use it to market your properties and sites better:

1. Schedule and promote the Virtual Open House well in advance with the Best Real Estate Software

Schedule the open house with the help of realtor software and promote it through automated emails and real estate marketing software. Social media integration with your CRM can also help a lot in this marketing campaign.

2. Make a detailed video of the property and upload it on the Real Estate Agent Software

Spend time on making a quality video of the property covering every aspect of it. Aim for 10-20 minutes of streaming as you take the prospective buyer on a virtual tour of the site.

3. Provide plenty of information on the Real Estate Software

Help the viewers with a detailed explanation of the property and show the places that the buyer would want to know about. Remember to write these features of the property on your website when you upload this video.

4. Schedule multiple tours in a day with Real Estate Agent Software

You can schedule two to three virtual Site Visits in a day. In order to make them a success, use social media and email integration of the property management software to promote the properties as well as your services.

5. Use good quality video equipment and platforms

For a virtual tour of the property to feel like a real one, it is very important to use a very good quality camera, along with optimizing the lighting conditions and using a tripod to make the open house look more professional.

6. Upload your video on the top Real Estate Software

Once your livestream is over, you’ll want to download, edit, and repurpose the virtual open house as video content for YouTube and on your website. Use automated emails to make other buyers aware of the tour and share links for the same. You can even send reminders and notifications.

Virtual open houses are not only fun but a creative way to leverage technology in the trying times. And the success of this virtual site visit lies in your real estate CRM systems. Then why waste your time managing things manually? The Best Real Estate Software is here to make your life easy. Try Realtor Book NOW!!!

The Best Features of Real Estate CRM Software.

In order to become the best real estate software, the real estate CRM solution needs to be equipped with all the features that will not only automate the majority of the tasks of an agent but also helps him save time, optimize resources and increase the popularity of his services among buyers and sellers. The features of the software should be tailor-made for the requirement of the agents and Realtor Book makes sure that its best features help your business grow.

1. Real estate agent software accounting

The software helps you track and manage your expenses and your revenue.  It helps the agent monitor and tracks the individual file expenses for better calculation of gross vs net profits on every deal basis and for the year-end tax preparation.  It helps you keep track of your commission with respect to all your deals and auto-generates reports to make sure that you are going on the right track. Real estate agent accounting software helps you review the state of your business and helps you make informed decisions so that you can expect the best outcome.

2. Top Real Estate Software offers property management 

The feature of property management allows you to list the properties available in your kitty.

The Property Listing allows you to manage the properties in a centralized way, helping in a comprehensive display of the properties on the website with details like location, owner details, description of the features of the property, pictures, and the prerequisites from the seller.

You can also track the inventory of the property and categorize based on their type, like residential, commercial, luxury, studio, etc.

3. Real estate Software for Contact Management

The best real estate software helps you manage your contacts efficiently by categorizing them into including landlords, sellers, buyers, and tenants; all in one place.

You can track the stage at which the deal is with any of your contacts by reviewing the conversation history. Email templates help you send automated emails for the upcoming properties, open house, or appointments directly to your contacts. You can also easily assign contacts to different agents as per their preference.

4. Real Estate Agent Software organizes Site Visit Management

Schedule and manage your site visits with prospective buyers without any hassle and confusion. Create a smart list of the buyers as per their requirements and schedule the visits accordingly. You can also integrate your CRM with the VR and arrange Virtual Open House for the buyers. The benefit of the virtual open house is that you can upload the video on your website later on with the description of the property and help your buyers view it at their own convenience and leisure.

5. Marketing with Top Real Estate Software

Best estate CRM software helps you plan and run your email and SMS marketing campaign, wherein you can schedule and send bulk email to your contact of buyers and renters about the upcoming properties, open house, and more. You have the freedom to design your own templates for these emails and you can create the snippets too, which you can paste wherever appropriate. You can also integrate your CRM with your social media platforms to run the social media marketing campaign.

How does Real Estate CRM Software make lead generation and management easy?

Lead generation can be a tiresome task, especially during the times of social distancing. Manual lead generation and tracking are very frustrating. To make this job easy for your best rental management software plays a major role.

Real estate lead generation software helps in automating the lead generation task for your real estate agency. Marketing your property in order to attract potential buyers and renters and make them interested in using your services to buy or sell their house is the specialty of the best CRM for realtors.

Realtor Book helps you in your lead generation and follow up in the following ways:

1. Easy Lead Generation through Top Real Estate Agent Software

No more generating leads manually and documenting them manually. It is all taken care of by real estate software free manual tasks. Get the leads generated directly through the landing page of your website, your social media handles, and your other marketing campaigns.

2. Easy Lead assignment with Top Real Estate Software

Why assign the leads manually when they are generated automatically. The CRM assigns the leads automatically to the agents based on their expertise and location, for example, the leads for a luxury apartment of one area will go to one agent while that of a studio apartment of the same area will go to another. This will ensure personalized and special services to the sellers and buyers.

3. Lead Management is made easy with Real Estate Agent Software

Manage all your property inquiries from multiple sources, including auto-imported emails from property portals. Plus, selecting relevant properties for your leads is now a seamless task with real estate software solutions. In just a few clicks, you can find, organize, and send a curated collection of listings to your prospects using a custom corporate email template.

4. Top Real Estate Software helps in Zero Lead Leakage

Agents, Team Leaders, Office Managers, Lead Administrators, and Brokers are given oversight to ensure that no lead is overlooked or neglected. Keeping track of customers has never been easier or more secure with real estate CRM systems. Valuable leads are tracked throughout the lead generation process.

5. Lead Follow up with Real Estate Agent Software

Receive regular notification and update regarding the progress with the lead, like scheduling the site visit, ask for required documents, etc. Also, set automated follow-up emails and reminders for the lead in order to make sure that the lead is converted into a buyer or renter with the best CRM for commercial real estate.

Lead generation, management, follow up and conversion is made simple with the help of the best real estate CRM software Realtor Book. You also get to have hands-on experience with the software with a free trial. Check it before you buy it.

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